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Product Details

Specification of our roller shutter(Any size can be customized)

TypeRegular Width
Aluminum guide54mm,58mm,60mm,70mm

1.Other size can be customized in here.

2.Surface treatment:curtain slats is PVDF coating and aluminum guide is electrostatic power coating.Our coating will not fade and won't drop paint.

curtain slat Aluminum guide with wool pile

Product Description

Roller Shutter windows
The windows are designed with individual style,beautiful appearance and elegant pattern.Surface treating is powder coating,could wateroofing,anti-sunlight,anti-rust,anti-lacerated.
With rigid structure,theft proofing,noise proofing,warm keeping.Advanced opening ways:manual,switch and remote contronlled with auto-lock function.
All kinds of style and colors are adjustable to users requirment.

Type of box housing on our roller shutter
Our regular type of box housing are round,45 degree and 90 degree.besides,we also can offer other types if you need.


1.Hot Insulation
High-density polycurethane foaming is filled within the slats,performing well in heating insulation,which protects effectively car and property indoors
In winter,keeping the shutter closed prevents external cold air go inside through the door and meanwhile heat indoors transfered to he exterior.
In summer,closing the shutter keeps the heat out and prevents air-conditioning from letting out,which maintains indoor cool without worrying about being hot indoors.

Noiseless Insulation
High-density polycurethane foaming within the slats of closed vesicular structure,perfoming well in sound insulation.Design of end slats and guide rail strip helps to lower running noise and makes prosses good sealing.


Control system of our roller shutter
The roller shutters can be operated by manually,electrically and by remote control.
For manually opeation,strap recoil box and crank handle can be choiced.


Structure for roller shutter
Matching profiles for all customary roller shutter boxes and a variety of requirements manufactured accroding to European standard.And all plastic components are antioxidant.

Here is all our components on the roller shutter,these components will be matched denpend on the type of roller shutter.




As a professional manufacturer,we not only suppiy products,also can supply all kinds of compents and material which used on roller shutter/door.

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